Indian Borage / Indian Mint

Name : Plectranthus amboinicus
Synonyms : Coleus amboinicus / Coleus aromaticus
Family : Lamiaceae
Sanskrit Name : Karpooravalli , Sugandha Valakam
English Name : Indian Borage , Indian Mint
Local Name : Panikkoorkka / Kannikkoorkka


It is a fleshy herb , much branched , possessing short soft erect hairs.
Leaves: Thick , simple , broad , egg/oval shaped with a tapering tip , pubescent & aromatic.
Flowers : Shortly pedicelled, pale purplish




Ras : Thiktha , Lavana
Guna : Lakhu , Theekshna , Rooksha
Virya :Ushna
Vipaka : Katu
Dosha : Vatahara


Medicinally anti – pyretic , expectorant , carminative

Leaves are used in the treatment of cough , headache , sore throat & nasal congestion.
Luke warm leaf juice mixed with honey is used to cure fever & associated problems in children
It is diuretic. Helps to cleanse urinary bladder
It has anti-helmenthic property
Intake of leaf paste 6 – 10 gm mixed with luke warm water at night helps to clear worms.
Leaf paste processed with black gram powder or wheat powder is effective in irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS )
Water boiled with its leaf, clove, and nutmeg is used in cholera.
Medicated water prepared with its leaf is used for new born bath. It prevents cold & cough in new born babies.