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We welcome you to “Santhimandriam Ayurvedic Hospital”, Govt. approved Green leaf certified hospital located in the beautiful town of Kottayam district. We are placed in a calm and peaceful environment providing a homely atmosphere to our patients. Our mission is to provide pure and authentic treatment to our patients for which we prepare our own medicines in our well functioned pharmacy in most classical way.


"Swathasya Swasthya Samrakshanam"

One of the main objectives of Ayurveda is maintaining the health of a healthy individual.
Ayurveda clearly explain treatments intended mainly to maintain health of an individual and thus preventing an individual from getting diseases.
With the help of our well experinced doctors we have developed packages aiming to restore health of individual which also provides relaxation to mind. Packages are developed in such a way that individual can select the no. of days he require for treatment and treatments were designed according to prakruthi o f each individual and decided after consulting with our doctor.

best ayurvedic treatment in kerala


“A sound body needs a sound mind”

Under the guidance of well experienced Yoga Acharyas, we introduce classes to all our clients and patients.

Along with our treatments, a small session of yoga will help patients relax their mind which will aid to strengthen the accuracy of our treatments.

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Our Medicines are noted for their genuineness, authenticity and purity. They are made from original herbs and prepared by maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence to ensure that you are getting the best ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

Welcome to Santhimandiram Ayurveda Hospital, a solution for any health issues with efficient Ayurvedic treatment by expert and legendary Ayurvedic Physicians! Being the best Ayurveda hospital Kottayam, we work by adopting the science of harmony and amended to its purest form. We have been the center for the one-stop destination, which offers an effective treatment for several major ailments. We also offer consultation for in-patients and out-patients for all the illness.
Santhimandiram Ayurveda Hospital serves as the place destination for all kinds of illness with the greatest physicians of all times. This Ayurvedic center is accepted and appreciated as an authentic nursing home with both the traditional and modern techniques in the Ayurvedic treatment. Nature has presented the best solution for any type of health issues through its certain natural elements like plants. Even the sun’s rays serves as the source of the best medicine in several treatments. We have found them and take it to you in the proper channel for the best and healthy life and so we have been appreciated as the best Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

We stand unique in the way we approach and offer treatment. We do not have any readymade packages and just focus on selling them. Instead, we will work on the best results. We also understand that everyone is unique and they need to have a different approach in the treatment. We spend time with patients appropriately and make the best plan of treatment for individual patients. This is also one of the reasons for us to tops as one of the Ayurvedic treatment in Kottayam.

When you are suffering from any health issues, there are different types of treatments possible. Ayurvedic treatment is one among them but it offers several benefits.

  • The products of the Ayurvedic treatment from the best Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala will help in decontaminating the body but it will cure the health issue.
  • When you get one issue solved but if that is the reason for the start for another issue. It is not a healthy way of treatment. You cannot find such defects in the Ayurvedic treatments. All the products of Ayurveda are prepared by the essence of fruits, vegetables, natural herbs, etc. most important thing is there will not be any side effects with these natural products.
  • Your treatment and well-being will not affect the environment or the peers in any manner and Ayurveda offers a way for it. These Ayurvedic products are environmentally friendly as they are prepared by natural products. There will not be any chemicals and not damages to the environment.

Regardless of the health issues, you can look for Ayurvedic treatment. A large list of diseases like gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiac disorders, excretory system diseases, dermatological diseases, psychological disorders, movement disorders, children’s diseases, etc can be easily treated. Further, infertility serves as the huge issues today for more number of couples. There are also so many reasons for it for both men and women. It also can be cured with the help of the best Ayurvedic treatment for infertility in Kerala.

Do you feel that you have any health issues? Do not worry! From the gift of nature, there is nothing incurable. You can visit Kottayam Ayurveda hospital. We have a quality discussion regarding the issues and how to move for enjoying the best and healthy life. Just with some massages, there are possibilities for the issues to get cured. That that you need to look for is the best Ayurvedic massage in Kerala. Make the right move and enjoy your life with sound health!

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